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Gonzalo A. Fernandez, M.D.
USCIS Medical Exam Center
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                       The most experienced USCIS Civil Surgeon in the Triangle Area.
                              20,850+ USCIS Exams with over a 99.9% accuracy rate
We have the lowest prices in the Triangle! 

Don't be fooled by other providers who state they have the lowest prices. Some claim to start at $100, but this does not include syphilis testing and gonorrhea testing, which must be done by the civil surgeon! 

These low charges are usually just for the first visit, or does not include all required vaccines and bloodwork. Your overall charges may cost hundreds of dollars more than you were quoted. 

At Occupational Health Partners, we take the time to let you know before your appointment what vaccines are required, and what the total cost will be. We also supply all paperwork needed for you to file with your insurance company. 

Occupational Health Partners has been the low price leader since 2001.

  • Our adult exams start at $220 and include the medical exam, all paperwork and forms, blood work for syphilis, and the new requirement for gonorrhea testing

  • We have the lowest vaccine prices in town! Some of our vaccines are even priced lower than the Health Department

  • If needed, chest x-rays start at $46 each. Other clinics charge upwards of $150 for their X-Rays

  • From referring children to the Health Department for their vaccines (where they are free), to working with your primary care physicians to obtain your vaccines so they can be covered by your insurance, we go the extra step to help keep your costs down